Anime science fiction action with Kit Ballard the smart-ass bounty hunter and he sidekick Skiffy on the road and always in trouble.


The complete collection of every Blade Kitten comic story and comic page ever drawn. All in one huge tome. Kit attempts to track down a local warlord, Kagemusha but when she discovers his identity it only brings her more trouble as old friends are dragged into the mystery. She then runs into even more old friends, remembers an older friend and makes new friends – who aren't quite so friendly and try to Kill her. Not her usual idea of a good night out. Especially when she gets ambushed by Axael and her assassin drones.


It's not the first time she's been out-gunned and outnumbered but it may be the last!




Digital versions at Gumroad.

Print version from Indy Planet.

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