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Blade Kitten: Ultomato Edition*

The complete Blade Kitten comic collection. Every page ever drawn including dozen of unplublished pages and roughs. A must for any true Blade Kitten aficionado.


*Contains all the material found in the Hollow Wish Edition but on hand non digital paper!


Blade Kitten: Dirty Angels

The brand new mini-series team-up of Kit Ballard and Justice Kreel. You know this is going to be trouble! Two rival breakers with one common goal. Bring in the baddest of the bad to coltlect the huge rewards... I mean, clear evil off the streets! That is if they can put their differences aside long enough to not kill each other first!


Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Kit and Justice escape one problem only to quite literally drop into a new one. Who is the maiden in the iron mask? It’s up to the Dirty Angels to work it out.


Dirty Justice

Straight from the world of Blade Kitten comes, Dirty Justice, the misadventures of Justice Kreel. Read the story behind the fiestiest bounty hunter in the galaxy and join Justice as she becomes embroiled in a mystery that spans decades and involves her in ways she could never have expected.