Kit Ballard

A 24 year old Felion bounty hunter from the planet Midsun. Kit Ballard is one of the few survivors of her people’s near genocide at the hands of an ancient alien race known as the Darques.


Having fled the ruins of her homeworld, Kit has wandered the systems and made a name for herself as one of the best Breakers (Bounty Hunter) in the business.


The course of her adventures have led her to the backwater planet known as Hollow Wish. Little does she know that this planet will tie her past into her future.

Darque Blade

Basically it’s a very powerful Free type (floating) blade with a few special modifications. The blade is a traditional ceramic K-25 composite, set in a Korbidium alloy flat and back.


This gives it excellent blend of attack and defense properties. Like all Free blades this one is equipped with three geogravitic inductors, which allows the user to control the mass of the blade.


These geograv units allow the blade to float and can even support the weight of the user for short periods of time.


The special feature of Kit’s blade is the rudimentary artificial intelligence systems that allows the blade to respond to her commands and complete simple tasks from a command set of 43 instructions.


Kit’s mascot sidekick – he’s a cute companion who seems to be on hand whenever Kit really gets into trouble. Armed with flight glands and a protective nature, Skiffy can sniff out trouble… and any tasty food that’s been left around.


Noots are used by the populace of Hollow Wish as pack animals and cheap transport. They have a long range and can travel at high speeds. Their boney forehead also lets them smash through obstacles with ease.

Hollow Wish

Welcome to Hollow Wish, a protectorate of the Greater Lithorian Empire. This Moebius type synthetic planetoid is thought to have been originally constructed many hundreds of thousands of years ago by one of the lost species.


The Lithorians claimed the planetoid at the end of the first frontier war about 350 years ago. Now with little interest in this backwater they have decided to outsource the policing of the planet to a mercenary contingent of Sol Triumvirate forces.


The capital, also known as Hollow Wish, is a hollow mesa, port-town linking the interior of the planet to its exterior. It is built directly into the side of the rock.

Justice Kreel

A sometime rival of Kit’s, Justice hails from Earth and a military family. Justice has a background with the Sol Forces special operations unit known as Zero Division. While she has claimed to have left the service she still seems to have close ties to the unit when she needs assistance.


Justice rarely lives up to her namesake and will do whatever foul trick is necessary to get her bounty including but not limited to disintegration.


A Squamatan troublemaker on Hollow Wish, Li (Terra is her family name) is the leader of the Norteun Wolves.


With her underground freedom fighters Terra-Li is trying to remove the off-worlders from Hollow Wish - specifically the low-life brigands that use the planet as a staging point for local pirate raids.


Terra-Li has a bounty of one million Hex, dead or alive,

on her head.

Sol Triumvirate

Made up of the combined forces of the Sol system’s planets; Earth, Mars and Jupiter.


The Sol Triumvirate is one of the four major factions that fought the Second Frontier War.


Unfortunately they lost and their forces are a shadow of their former glory. Now they mostly act as a mercenary police force in outer laying regions like Hollow Wish.

Hundert Tonne

Meet Hundert Tonne, the proprietor of Hollow Wish's famed Weaporium. Tonne is widely renowned for his ability to source items from all around the eastern sector.


From the finest foods like Scroad ribs,  purest Noot milk, Gascargot and freshest Gooboo juice to the latest gear from around the galaxy. Of course the Weaporium also stocks a selection of the finest blades legally purchasable under the personal safety act of 151.3 NF.


Mr. Tonne, a Jelf from the Korunda system says "You only buy top-good merchandise from Hundert Tonne. You come back again and again and bring plenty Hex!"


The Weaporium only accepts cash purchases in Hex - no credit.

Space Captain Steve

A.K.A. Steve Stamatiadis

Not actually space or a captain, Steve is the weirdo who created this crazy universe as well as writing and drawing the comics. A 25 year veteran of the video games industry he's one of the creative forces behind such hits as the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed as well as cult classics like Flight of the Amazon Queen and Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage.


Obviously spending his working days in fantasy worlds wasn't quite enough so he spends his spare time coming up with the stories of the "Skiffyverse", the fictional universe in which all the Blade Kitten related tales are set.


Also there are unfounded stories told that he likes pizza a lot. These may in fact be true.


You can find more of his other works here


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